CSC 206 Temporarily “Locked” for Fall registration


The Cybersecurity Scripting course, CSC 206, is currently locked for Fall 2016 registration due to a mistake in the catalog related to the pre-requisites listed for this course.

The proper paperwork is working its way through the system, and the Registrar’s office will soon unlock the course, and the course capacity will be reset to its original 20 seats.

If you have questions about the course itself, please contact Prof. Ronny Bull (

Spring 2016 CNY Hackathon Event – Special Announcement


We were not supposed to share this yet. But, we just are so excited… check out this cool new badge for the upcoming CNY Hackathon. The artwork was donated by Romanelli Communications and the Production costs have been picked up by our friends at AIS. We are very thankful to have such great local businesses involved with this excellent event for the students!

Sponsor Badge Front

Sponsor Badge Back

Spring 2016 CNY Hackathon Job Fair Participant List


Remember to bring your resumes to the Hackathon event this semester! The following companies will be present during the event to talk with students about job and internship opportunities. They will also have the chance to walk around during the event and observe student teams in action!

M.A. Polce Consulting, Inc.
AIS (Assured Information Security)
Harris Critical Networks
BNY Mellon
Critical Technologies, Inc.
GrayCastle Security
NYCM Insurance
Utica College

Creating SSH keys for password-less access to chewy


If you want to SSH into the CS department SSH server (chewy) without having to type your password each time use the following instructions to create a SSH public/private key pair. This is a handy skill to learn especially if you are looking to script processes that require the SSH service. If you do not use keys when scripting then each time an SSH connection is made the script will fail since no one will be around to type in the SSH password.

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